Creating a Practice Manual

This website offers an online application for planning yoga practices with a variety of postures and offers series (vinyasa) of postures from the VijnanaYoga practice.

I hope, however, that the variety of postures and series will increase to include other yoga practices such as Viniyoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, as well as series that you recommend. (Photograph the postures, transitions or series you use and send to .
We will include them in the site.)
Different Pranayama and visual imagery practices will be included in the near future.

Using the Application

  1. On the homepage Click to display the Compose a Lesson page.
  2. Select one of the options in the circles at the top of the page .
    The Lesson + Postures screen is displayed, with the postures section on the left and the lesson on the right. If for any reason this screen is not displayed, select Lesson + Postures.
  3. In the lesson section (right side), enter a title for the lesson in the field at the top of the page.
  4. Add postures or series of postures to the lesson.
    You can add a single posture or an entire series of postures.

    To add a single posture:
    1. Click the image of choice from the postures on the left side.
    2. Place the cursor in the relevant place in the lesson section and click to place the posture.
  5. To delete a single posture Click delete and the posture you want to delete
  6. To transfer a series of postures: Click on the series to add the series of postures to the lesson section

  7. Arranging the Lesson
    1. To delete a row click on the right side of each row of the lesson
    2. To move a row use the arrows , on the right side of each row of the lesson to move the row in the direction of the arrows
    3. To transfer an entire lesson click Recommended lessons (to be added soon)
    There is a text box under each posture series in the lesson plan that allows you to plan time and enter brief explanations and points to be emphasized.
    Click to print the lesson. We recommend printing the lesson with the original size postures.
    Press to view the sequence of postures.

We suggest you prepare easy, clear lesson plans for approximately 40 minute-long lessons
We plan to add an option in the near future to store lesson plans that users build.
An easier application is hard to find, so......

Please cooperate by spreading the word and using the site,

Good luck!

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